Providing completely independent and bespoke financial advice with our whole of market access.

Perhaps you want to put some money aside for a rainy day or save for children or grandchildren? Whatever it is you’re trying to save for we can advise on products that are available and which are most suitable for your needs.

With an ever increasing demand from investors for sound income and/or sound capital growth from their savings, the need for them to greatly outstrip the rate of inflation over the long term is paramount if this money is to maintain its spending power.

Couple these requirements with the need to achieve those returns, tax efficiently, at an acceptable level of investment risk and over different time horizons, you can see why many consumers find it very difficult to know just who to turn to, to get the right advice that will meet their needs.

Seeking advice from a truly independent adviser where they have access to the whole marketplace may be one of the best decisions you will ever make with your financial arrangements.

At Alpha Independent Financial Planning we will help you build and manage a diversified and tailored portfolio that aims to balance your tolerance for risk with the need for potential returns. In doing so, we consider all types of savings and investment vehicles, ranging from cash deposits to more established mainstream income and growth arrangements, such as Investment Bonds and Collectives (Unit Trusts/OEICS), through to the more esoteric investments such as EISs, VCTs and Structured Products etc.

Only you know the life you want to lead. People value different things at different times, so your investment choices are as individual as you are. Wherever you are on life’s journey, understanding your financial position today and what kind of lifestyle you want for the future will help inform many important decisions and drive the financial advice you receive. This is why we put an emphasis on ensuring we understand each and everyone of our clients.

Even the most financially astute people can benefit from professional help and guidance sometimes. By getting to really know you, we can help you discover an investment solution that fits perfectly with your needs, aspirations, and lifestyle.

  • ISAs – for cost effective tax-free savings

  • EIS & VCT’s

  • Investment Bonds and Unit Trusts

  • Investment Trusts

  • Child Trusts

  • Alternative Investments

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